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Southern NJ Gathering, October 2003

by Silent Doug

On Sunday, October 26, 2003, letterboxers gathered in Southern New Jersey for the "Hunt for the Jersey Devil" gathering. Here's the photo of the attendees:

Left side:
The 7 Cahillys of Dumont, J.J. (in salmon shirt) and John (in black shirt) of WeLetterbox.
Right side:
Back row: D (or A, of D 'n A), in purple shirt.
Middle row, left to right: Brian & Lori (Team Green Dragon), A (or D, of D 'n A), Wanda & Pete.
Front row, left to right: Andrea (Halcyon Pelican), Bev (LetterboxingBee), Team PresSinOn (Secret Agent, Trail Snail, Never Enuff).

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