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image transfer

Before you carve a rubber stamp, you must first create an image on the face of the carving material. While you might draw an image by hand, there are three other common methods of transferring an image to the rubber. First, you can use a trick you probably did in grade school - draw an picture on paper (or trace on tracing paper) with a soft pencil, turn the tracing paper over and rub the image onto the surface of the rubber. Second, print an image from your computer in black on an inkjet or laser printer (some photocopies will work as well), and press the image onto the material with an iron set on a low heat setting (so you don't harden the rubber). Finally, print an image on a laser printer or toner-based photocopier, place it face down on the rubber, and then use a cotton ball dampened with acetone (nail polish remover) to press gently down on the back of the paper and transfer the image. Experiment first to find out which methods work best for you.








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